White Lion - El Salvador Lyrics

Writer(s): Mike Tramp & Vito Bratta

He could barely remember
When the fighting began
It was early September
When he lost his old man
Soon (the time) came to leave there
And (to start) a new life
How it seems so unfair
When they (gave him a gun and a knife)
So he fights with a gun in his hand
For what reason he can't understand
Fights with a gun in his hand
For (the) freedom (of the land)

Can you hear the crying out
All the people in El Salvador
Can you hear a distant shout
From the people in El Salvador
(cross your heart and hope to die)
For the people in El Salvador
Still they kill not knowing why
All the people in El Salvador

As he stares at the ceiling
He thinks back quite a ways
It was (him that was) feeling
tellin' you those were the days
As he stares at a white dove
Tears fall down on his face
An then once filled with love that only God his self can replace

Can you hear them cry?
Can you see them die?
Can you tell me why? Oh no
See them die, hear them cry, tell me why

Appears on Fight to Survive [1985] album

1. Broken Heart (Single)
2. Cherokee
3. Fight To Survive
4. Where Do We Run
5. In The City
6. All the Fallen Men
7. All Burn In Hell
8. Kid of 1000 Faces
9. El Salvador
10. The Road to Valhalla

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