Robby Valentine - Over and over again

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Robby Valentine - Over and over again lyrics

It's been so long ago
since you waved my love goodbye
With sadness in your eyes
You left me wondering why

Yes I was hurt before
But it never felt so strong
Now I face the world so wrong
Without you I can't go on

Just the way i feel
I know remain to be
I cry there now
Why can you see

Over and over again
I feel the pain in my heart
Can we make a brand new start
Over and over again
I keep of loving you

There's no end

These times without you
Turned my life into a hell
Everyone can see
But no one can help

I did the best I could
To get you out of my mind
But I just couldn't lie
To prove I'm not that blind

Love is all I feel
I know we're meant to be
Don't waste our time too long
Angel, Angel come with me

Loving you..

Loving you..

yes i do

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